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Do jersey numbers mean anything in volleyball?

Considering this, do volleyball players have numbers? Numbers, Logos and Trademarks Jersey must visibly display a number at least 4 inches high on the front, and 6 inches high and centered on the back, both numbers being the same, and at least 3/4 inches wide at the narrowest point. Team players' numbers must all be the same color and size.

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Every volleyball coach will have a different numbering system for their sets. This is known as ‘set numbers’. Before the ball is served by the opposing volleyball team, the setter makes eye contact with each of their hitters (front and back court) and gives them a hand signal signifying what set to expect.

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For this reason, most volleyball leagues require all potential liberos to be dressed in the same jersey color as the alternate even while still on the bench. The table below contains questions on why the setter wears a different color jersey in volleyball, whether the libero is the best player, and if a libero can make a serve.

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Players with uniform numbers that are zero to nine "0 - 9" must not have a zero as the first number on their jersey. So a jersey with the number 8 should never be "08" or a player with a "5" on his or her jersey can never sport a jersey printed as "05" on their uniform. In other words, numbers less than ten should be printed on a player's volleyball jersey as a single digit. And that also means that a jersey with "00" on it would be an illegal number as well.

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Number location: Not more than 5 inches below shoulder seam. Front number: at least 4 inches, contrasting color with top. Back number: at least 6 inches, contrasting color with top. Number width: Not less than 3/4 inches at narrowest point. Number border width: No more than 1/2 inch at widest point, trim solid color, may have 2 colors.

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The numbers identify the serving order. 1. Volleyball position numbers. It’s also important to know that the position numbers DON’T CHANGE, but the players move through the positions. For example, position 2 is always in the front court on the right hand side, and position 6 is always in the middle of the back court.

Why does one volleyball player wear a different color jersey?

The setter is the playmaker, point guard or the quarterback of the volleyball team. A setter's responsibility is to run the team's offense and build up offensive scoring opportunities for the team. The setter plays both front row and back row, therefore s/he needs to be able to block, serve and play defense.

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Like soccer, volleyball limits the number of substitutions allowed. Teams are allowed six substitutions per set in international play but the libero may substitute infinitely. This allows a team to protect their front-court specialists (usually really tall players who like to spike the ball but aren’t great at getting down on the floor and ...