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Hitting Drill: Turn-Go-Hit - Volleyball Drills - VolleyballXpert

Player starts on right sideline and shuffles twice toward the center of the court. Player turns and sprints toward opposite sideline (left sideline). Player dives and touches ball. Player gets up and gets into hitting position. Tosser tosses ball. Player approaches and attacks. Blocker attempts to block. Blocker shags ball and goes to end of line. Player replaces blocker.

Volleyball Hitting Drills and Technique

Volleyball Hitting Drills for High Contact. The purpose of this volleyball drill is to work on skills for the technique in hitting a volleyball. Players partner up. Players warm up shoulders by throwing the ball back and forth to one another. After the shoulder warm up, players start tossing the ball up to themselves and hit to each other.

Volleyball Pass-Set-Hit Drills - VolleyballXpert

Line Hitting Drill. This volleyball hitting drill focuses on hitting down the line as well as getting into a passing rhythm setting up the shot down the line. These volleyball pass-set-hit drills focus on getting into the rhythm of pass-set-hit.

Volleyball hitting drills: Wrap around attacking drill - The ...

To start the drill, have a group of the hitter-passers line up at the service line and put a setter at the net. A coach will initiate play by tossing balls over the net to a passer-hitter, who passes, then swings out wide, makes an approach and hits a ball from the setter.

Out of System Volleyball Drills Hitters Learn To Hit ...

Here's one of the volleyball hitting drills we frequently do for outside hitters to learn how to hit hard past the block and past the diggers to score points. On one half court is me, the coach, who tosses to a setter who sets to the left side hitter.

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The Ultimate Volleyball Drills Guide (FOR ALL LEVELS)

Due to the fact that hitting tends to be more complex than it looks, volleyball drills should be broken down into parts, using several drills to improve each part per session until finally all parts are put together. A good hitter must: Have good shoulder position; Explosively jump high behind the ball from one or both feet; Use a fast arm swing

28 Volleyball Drills to Improve Your Team’s Offense and ...

Volleyball Hitting Drills Hitting is the likeliest way you can score against your opponent, and these 5 hitting drills will help improve your attack’s power and consistency. The thing about hitting is it uses up a lot of muscle strength, so hitters are vulnerable to shoulder injuries.

Volleyball Practice Drills - Parker Rec

bump the longest. Athletes should work on always hitting the ball with the same place on their forearms; this will keep the ball from flying in one direction or another. The ball should be bumped as many times as possible without letting it fall (be sure to check out our other volleyball setting drills).