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This stance is very similar to the neutral stance with the step forward on the forehand side. We use it mostly when we have to hit a ball that has bounced short and we want to move towards the net. place your feet, hips and shoulders sideways; move your bodyweight forward from your back leg to the front leg; step into the court with your back leg

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As well as the different perspective coaches have on both stances and why they think one stance is better than the other. Open Stance Forehand Tennis Grip. When it comes to forehand tennis grips there are 3 main grips to choose from. The eastern grip which is generally considered the easiest grip for learning the forehand, the semi-western grip, and the western grip.

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With an open, semi-open, or neutral stance, a player can correctly turn away from the ball, prepare the hand, and then explosively rotate back towards the ball during the forward swing. Many players will use different stances on different forehands throughout the match.

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What is the proper stance for the forehand hit in tennis? When hitting a forehand you can choose to hit the ball with an open stance, with a closed stance or somewhere between both stances. Open stance forehand – With this stance, you have both feet and your hips open towards the net.

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The modern game of tennis is often associated with open stance forehands (and backhands) since they allow for more power and take less time to execute. But that doesn’t mean that neutral stance forehands – or stepping into the ball – are obsolete and that you shouldn’t be using them in your tennis game.

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Every time you hit a tennis forehand you choose how you position your feet -- what stance you will use. You can hit a forehand with an open, neutral, or closed stance, but you should stay away from the closed stance if possible. This last stance makes it difficult to rotate your upper body through contact, making it difficult for you to use correct forehand mechanics.

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In this forehand tip OTI Instructor Ean Meyer explains how you can practice the semi-open stance. This is the most common stance on the pro tour and a stance...

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Forehand myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your forehands potential. Most players ...