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Tennis Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills - Basketball HQ

Tennis Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills . Tennis ball drills are great ball handling drills because they place added difficulty on the player dribbling the basketball. This is done by making the player focus on tossing and catching the tennis ball while also keeping their dribble alive.

Basketball | Ball Handling Drills Tip: Tennis Ball Dribbling

Start with stationary drills. Alternate dribbling 5 times with your right, then 5 times with your left. It's ok to look down at the ball in the beginning. Try to use your fingertips to dribble the tennis balls, you have more control with the smaller tennis ball. Now go to walking while dribbling the tennis ball, again alternating hands.

Tennis Ball Dribble Drill (Basketball) - YouTube

This drill forces you to dribble a tennis ball first in order to make it easier to dribble a basketball later on. https://teachhoops.com/

Improve Your Ball Handling | 4 Stationary Tennis Ball Drills ...

Add these 4 drills to your workout to improve you ball handling & Get Our FREE 30-Minute Dribbling Workout By Visiting www.PROfectYourGame.comWebsite: www.PR...

Dribbling Drill | Tennis Ball Ballhandling

Dribbling Drill | Tennis Ball Ballhandling. A great ballhandling drill for hand-eye coordination incorporates a tennis ball. In this post, we supply you with video on how to run the drill, as well. Facebook.

Dribbling Drills with Tennis Ball - YouTube

Improve your handles and become a better ball handler with this dribbling drills

Tennis ball drills - World Of Hoops

Tennis ball drills Drop and grab. Dribble a basketball with one hand as hard as you can. Meanwhile, the other arm should be fully extended,... Toss and cross. Hold a tennis ball in one hand, and a basketball in the other. Complete a crossover with the basketball,... Double toss & cross. Hold a ...

Bouncer Tennis Ball Ball Handling Drill - Hustle Sports Training

Bounce the tennis ball in front of you while dribbling the basketball through your legs to the opposite hand. Make sure to keep your knees bent the entire time. Focus on making every rep a game rep so it translates to on court success. This drill can also be done on the move.

Basketball Drill & Video - Partner Dribbling Drill With ...

Each player starts facing each other with a basketball & a tennis ball. The players shuffle sideways while dribbling down the court and passing the tennis ball back and forth to each other. To Add Difficulty. Vary the height of the tennis ball tosses. Cross the ball over to the other hand after each tennis ball toss.