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US Women's Soccer Equal Pay Claims vs Facts. Court says they ...

The women’s side does not want equal pay. It wants to be able to make what they can make from their own media and endorsement deals - giving the USSF the same kind of cut as the USSF is getting from SUM. The women’s side is an entirely different different

US women's soccer team demanding equal pay as men's ... - reddit

men's sponsored appearances are 3,750$ an appearance while 3,000$ an appearance for women. The article says they were previously equal, until the men's association negotiated an increase. I guess the women's association, as of the source article's publication date of 2016, had not yet renegotiated.

CMV: The argument for equal pay in sports between ... - reddit

The pay structures are actually different for the men's and women's team. I don't understand the details, but there are differences in the degree to which the teams are paid in base salaries vs. bonuses for playing in matches. And, of course, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 makes "equal pay for equal work" the law of the land.

US Women’s Soccer Equal Pay Lawsuit. Discrimination or not ...

level 1. blarg212. Op · 2m. This is a legal coverage over the Women’s Soccer team suing over not getting paid what the men’s team does. This particular case received the support of President Joe Biden who invited them to the White House for a small press conference reiterating needs for equal pay.

Documentary About "Equal Pay" For US Women's Soccer Team Is ...

Documentary About "Equal Pay" For US Women's Soccer Team Is Absolutely CRINGE. WOKE. Close. 28. Posted by 3 months ago. ... help Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.

CMV: The pay-gap in Women's National Football is fair - reddit

There exists a general pay gap for equal work rendered in most industries, though it is not nearly as large of a gap (nor simple to calculate) as the often-quoted "$0.72 per $1.00 earned by a man". I enjoy Women's football and believe it has proven value in the media/entertainment/cultural landscape.

The US Womens Soccer Team has it's dispute over pay equality ...

The US Womens soccer team have had their class action lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation, relating to equal pay compared to the Mens team, dismissed by a Federal Judge. In a summary judgement, the judge said -. It is undisputed that, during the class period, the WNT played 111 total games and made $24.5 million overall, averaging $220,747 per game.

Womens Soccer lacks technical quality and ... - reddit.com

Womens Soccer lacks technical quality and shouldn't be compared to male soccer. The difference in technical skill makes no sense to even have a discussion. The size of the pitch should be adjusted. It makes no sense to have the same dimensions for the goal for example. I want even start the equal pay discussion.