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Wallet Transaction Limits - cms.phonepe.com

How do I set custom transaction limits on my PhonePe Wallet? Tap the Set Limit button below to set custom limits on your PhonePe Wallet. Note that you cannot set a limit that exceeds the payment limits prescribed by RBI.

Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day (Updated 2021)

Phonepe Daily limit for your Wallet. Phonepe has a risk policy that limits your wallet to have not more than Rs. 1,00,000 at any given point of time. You can top-up money in your Phonepe wallet using a debit card, credit card ot BHIM UPI. The money that comes as a refund in your wallet due to failed transactions also comes under these limits.

PhonePe - Terms and Conditions

While You can use Your PhonePe Wallet for purchase of goods and services on merchants that accept PhonePe Wallet with a debit limit of Rs. 10,000/- per month, You cannot transfer Your PhonePe Wallet balance to any other PhonePe Wallet user not can withdraw the funds to a bank account or a credit card, except for any specific conditions specified by the regulator.

PhonePe Money Transfer Limit | PhonePe Daily UPI Payment Limit

However, the software makers have imposed a limit for each wallet for security reasons. As a risk policy, Phonepe sets a maximum of Rs. 1, 00,000 for subscribers. You can instantly reload the wallet with a debit card, credit card, or BHIM UPI. Phonepe has increased its daily restrictions as well as monthly (Rs. 10,000) and yearly limits (Rs.1, 20,000).

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Further, Your PhonePe Wallet balance shall be limited to Rs. 10,000/- at any point in time and You may not be allowed to add funds in case Your PhonePe limits are triggered except in case of refunds on cancelled transactions, wherein the balance may be higher than the limit of Rs. 10,000/-.

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There’s a singular transaction limit of Rs.1 lakh each day just as 20 UPI transactions each day that apply to all connected accounts on this platform. • Maximum Amount Per transaction = Rs.1 Lakh • Maximum Amount can be paid in a day = Rs.1 lakh • Maximum Number of Phonepe Transaction limit in 24 hours = 10 or 20 (depending).

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Thus your total transactions in a day should not exceed this amount. This limit is set for every bank account irrespective of the app. Limit per transaction. The transaction limit per UPI is also 1 lakh. So if you have done 1 lakh transactions in a single transaction, then you cannot do any transaction on that day.

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Available balance in PhonePe wallet. usableBalance. Long. Usable balance from PhonePe wallet. debitPossible. Boolean. Usable balance from the available wallet balance considering the user's KYC limits. maxTopupAllowed. Long. The maximum top-up amount based on the user’s KYC limits. topupPossible. Boolean. Will be true if for the given ...